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Motorcycle Video Games

Motorcycle Video Games

Top ten video games about motorcycles

Turn on your console and pretend you’re out riding if you’re not! We look at some of the top motorbike video games available right now. The variety in our ranks means there’s a motorbike game for any mood. THERE’S A MOTORCYCLE GAME FOR YOU, from TT road racing to motorcycle gangs.

  1. Ride 3

Ride 3 is the game for you if you enjoy variety and innovation. You may ride over 270 bikes from 30 different market-leading manufacturers on 30 other courses and roads worldwide. Ride 3 has everything for every bike enthusiast, from GPs and Supermoto tracks to the city and the countryside. You may create the garage of your dreams while altering your bike with over 1,200 configurable parts, thanks to the range of bikes available. The game’s ingenuity doesn’t end there; you may customize your rider’s profile, attire, and riding style.

  1. Isle of Man TT: Take a Chance

Unfortunately, the game’s release was pushed back from November 2017 to March 2018 — but it was well worth the wait. The graphics in the new Isle of Man TT game are incredible. Everything is spot accurate, from the branding on the bikes and leathers to the detailing on the taverns and residences you race past at breakneck speed. If you’ve ever visited the Isle of Man, you’ll be familiar with the roads you traveled along and the campsite where you slept. If you’re thinking about competing in the TT or want to master the course, this game will help you do just that. Those that know the circuit like the back of their hands will excel in this game once the controls are figured out.

  1. MotoGP 18

Are you a MotoGP fanatic? This game will satisfy your GP cravings with every rider, bike, and track from the 2018 MotoGP Championship and over 70 famous riders from MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, and the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. There are now 19 different tracks to compete on, thanks to the inclusion of the brand new Thailand Chang International Circuit.

The Career mode, in which you can compete in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP, is the most stunning aspect of the game. Design your racer and get started. It will be much easier for you to compete in the Rookies’ Cup. You should take advantage of this opportunity to improve your rider’s talents, which will happen naturally due to strong performances and results. You’ll be able to upgrade your machine with development points as you progress through your career, which is crucial when trying to keep up with the frontrunners.

  1. The Game of Valentino Rossi

MotoGP altered things in 2016, focusing on Valentino Rossi, a legend. The historical challenges are a bonus to the typical MotoGP content. The plot is captivating and educational, setting this game apart from other horseback riding games. You can relive Rossi’s career highlights from the past to the present, from his first MotoGP triumph in Brno to his victory in the season’s first race in Losail.

  1. Bikes from DRIVECLUB

DRIVECLUB Bikes is up there for all-around fun, whether you buy it as an add-on to the DRIVECLUB vehicle game or as a standalone game. As the name implies, you’re a member of a Club with whom you’ll compete in Tour mode at 78 places worldwide. As you win more races and earn regional trophies, your garage will expand, with your Club’s goal to take over the world. Diverse weather comes with different locations around the globe, which DRIVECLUB excels at. You’ll be riding in various weather conditions at various hours of the day (or night!). Given the range of courses and locations, the graphics are surprisingly impressive.

  1. Grand Theft Auto V

While it is not primarily about motorcycles, it does have a variety of motorcycle heists, races, and general riding and the other (more explicit) features and missions that every GTA guarantees.

While all modes of transportation are included in the missions and objectives, the motorcycling sequences are particularly exciting. Racing can be challenging because it is far too simple to crash, yet given that the game is not intended for children under 18, it isn’t easy to imagine anything less. There are many different bikes to choose from in this game, and you can walk the streets and select whichever bike you want (although this will normally come with the task of out-riding the police).

  1. MXGP3

Do you want to try something other than racing bikes on roads and tracks? MXGP 3 combines dirt courses, indoor stadiums, motocross bikes, and ramps. MXGP has dominated the motocross video game market for years, and MXGP3 is the greatest yet in terms of visuals.

Starting as a novice and working your way up the rankings is similar to a traditional racing game. You will be entered into the Motocross Grand Prix and compete in one of the 18 official MXGP races held worldwide. In addition, real riders and manufacturers are utilized, ensuring that MXGP enthusiasts will have a great time! Over 300 components will be available to make your bike into the ideal motocross machine. However, keep in mind that weather conditions might change in the middle of a race, making it seem more tough and unpredictable.

  1. The Evolution of Trials

Trials Evolution is a unique racing game with several challenging obstacle courses that keep you thinking and hungry to beat the clock. Because of the limitless ramps and jumps required to pass levels, your character will spend a lot of time in the air. The courses become more difficult as you progress through the stages, as with any obstacle-style game. This will require you to attempt hundreds of times to land a massive jump, which can be extremely frustrating, but it will be well worth it if the near-impossible is accomplished! As you go through the license tests, new motorcycles and techniques become available, allowing you to perform more stunts and talents.

  1. Redemption on the Road

Look away now if you need your games to be realistic and near-perfect. While the game is rough around the edges (to put it mildly), the premise is intriguing and amusing. Road Redemption is a modern-day rendition of the 1990s classic Road Rash, in which you would smash riders off their bikes while passing them.

  1. Tourist Trophy

It may not have the visuals or functionality to compete with today’s releases, but this is ideal for those who enjoy classic racing games!

Tourist Trophy has a lot of parallels to the popular Gran Turismo games, with the main difference being that you’re on two wheels instead of four. Tourist Trophy is a no-frills version of earlier games. Today’s games are jam-packed with content and numerous features, making getting onto the track or Road take a long time. Select Arcade mode and start playing.

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